If the keyword it's not clustered with any keywords it now either means one of two things:

1) I need to do more research around this word. It's interesting to me, so I'll set it aside and do more research on it in the future. I'm clearly not going into enough depth with my current keyword list.

2) This keyword is just incredibly specific and requires a deep dive on just one page.


To improve your results you could add more keywords to your upload. No_cluster simply means those keywords don't share at least 4 URLs with any other keyword so, if there are any in there that you wanted to write about or are interesting to you or have a lot of volume, our recommendation would be to do more research around those terms.

You'll also sometimes see some surprising results (i.e. keywords you THINK should be in a cluster as they're really similar to others, like pluralised versions of the same keyword) but if you actually test them, you'll see Google does in fact show very different results.

We recently came across one cluster "50mm skate wheels" and then a keyword in the no_cluster "50mm skate wheel" (singular version) and we thought it was a bug. We searched both and, right enough, the results were very different.

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