Once you have your keyword clusters, it may be helpful to know how closely related those clusters are to other clusters.

By grouping similar clusters together, we create Hubs and Spokes. Using these, you'll be able to produce what we call "hub articles" which link to "spoke articles".

In essence, our "hub and spoke" tab will make your content planning easier, allowing you to quickly identify and comprehensively cover a given content topic.

Bonus tip: Pull through the your keyword rankings and you'll be able to see internal linking opportunities, if you have relevant existing content.

In this example, "Hawaii vacation" will form the "Hub" content piece. This could be a category page or a long-form article.

Here we are show all the "clusters" in the Spoke column that are contextually related to the hub.

So, you can produce content around "Where to stay in Hawaii" or "Planning a honeymoon to Hawaii" and internally link to our main "Hawaii vacation" hub .

Important information: Languages supported by hub/spoke

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