We have a simple credit system at Keyword Insights. The number of required credits depends on the insights you choose and the number of keywords you upload.

You have four insights and Keyword discovery to choose from.

  1. Keyword clustering

  2. Keyword intent/Context

  3. Rank tracking

  4. Title AI

  5. Keyword Discovery

You can choose one or multiple insights, and each insight will cost you 1 credit. Any two insights will cost you 1.5 credits, and all three insights will cost you 2 credits per keyword.

The only exception here is the Title AI feature. Because we rely on OpenAI for this, it will cost you 2 credits per keyword to use Title AI. (Open AI is quite expensive)

So, if you choose all four insights (Including Title AI), it will cost you 4 credits per keyword.

Example 1: If you upload 5000 keywords and select clustering only, you will require 5000 credits. If you select all three insights, you will need 10000 credits.

Example 2: If you upload 5000 keywords and select all four insights, you will require 20,000 credits.

The Keyword Discovery will cost you 50 credits per run. (We aim to return 1000 keyword suggestions, and if we don't meet this number, we will refund some of your credits automatically)

Tip: We recommend selecting all three insights for the best output and recommendations.

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