What is keyword discovery?

Our Keyword Discovery module will allow you to generate related keywords to your seed keyword. We do this by utilising a data provider and some of our data.

Why did we launch this feature?

We understood that one of the most significant barriers to using Keyword Insights is the need to prepare a keyword list beforehand. This is often a simple task for experienced SEOs with knowledge and necessary third-party tools. But, it's not the case for everyone. So we wanted to allow users of all skills levels to use Keyword insights.

How do we use the feature?

Please create an account and navigate to the Keyword Discovery feature.

Your dashboard will look something like this.

Note: You need a monthly subscription to access this feature.

First, input your seed keyword select the country and the language.

Keep in mind that language selection is directly tied to the country. So, let's say you want to search in Swedish. You must select "Sweden" from the county first before selecting Swedish.

Once you have the list, you can use the filtering options to refine your keywords.

What is the cost of using Keyword Discovery?

Each keyword run will cost you 30 credits. We aim to return 500 keywords on each search, and we understand that not every keyword can bring 500 results. So in these cases, we will refund your credits accordingly.

Why is Keyword Discovery still in BETA?

We are still working to improve the database and bring you the most relevant results. The feature might not work correctly in some instances, and you may experience the odd bug. Don't hesitate to contact us via live chat if you need any assistance.

What do we do with the generated keywords?

You can download the CVS file and upload them back to Keyword insights for clustering, context, rank and Title AI. In the next update, we will add a button so you can send the generated keywords directly for clustering.

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