You can invite additional users to your keyword insights account.

How many users can I add to my account?

The number of seats depends on your subscription.

Basic Plan

Starter plan

Professional plan

Enterprise plan

0 user seat

0 user seat

3 user seats

5 user seats

Agency starter

Agency premium

Agency pro

Agency elite

10 user seats

30 user seats

50 user seats

100 user seats

How to add users to my account?

Go to Settings -> Organisation Settings

Input the user email and click invite.

An email will go out to the user with an invite.

Click the link and then KWI will ask you to create an account.

What happens if I downgrade my subscription?

Depending on the subscription package you have, you will be asked to remove users before you're able to downgrade.

How do I remove a user?

Click the 'x' icon next to the user email to remove a user from the account.

Can I set user privileges?

Sorry, not at this point. The user will access everything the admin has except the billing details.

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